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first weakness, witness, a girl. >> reporter: colleen campbell who spoke to cnn only if we concealed her identity. she faced off with the killer on this landing. during the investigation police asked her if the man she encountered was deacon, known by his nickname, fire. >> they bring the picture of fire and them have me say if it is this man, i say, i tell them no. it was a young boy and he's 19, 20. >> reporter: her description in this 1989 police report of the man she came face to face with didn't match deacon at all. he was older and taller with a full head of hair and a beard. the defense counted on her testimony. >> the defense attorney at the original trial opened with the fact that miss campbell was going to be testifying and an exonerating witness. week prior the prosecution had got on it her. >> reporter: campbell passed this lie detector test about her account but she says prosecutors pushed her to change her story and give vague testimony. she says they threatened to have her children taken away if she didn't cooperate, claims prosecutors deny. >> when i go to court, must giv
came into their new teammates as he was the m e i mean he was of royal campbell and dad and that you need this review i'll delete on main theories to tea with studded team and candidates always accomplishment when standing at how wonderfully it and asked me about gifts and mini holiday on. and an amazing man and his spirit to them last week. but aside from his personal timing is also the father of one conference call. the rainbow nation body it is going to become of his vision for south africa. anyways his vision has or maybe as they remain nation being freelance it back in there with that in south africa now with my nephews of mine uses and at the schools. isn't this thing anymore p u p i can get indian hindu why people make in a user you could say that he can play with business and racial connotations in the mall and tan. i think in some ways and socializing costs to the racial badly and that must be knit on it instead of having common goal and the other province in the country that the racial one thing is that of the eu piece of punishment that is i think his vision has come to i
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time campbell that says just do it in fact if up to fifteen eighty and eighty in an era in the west of the country so we have meal investments coming in geneva. nobody's looking to invest in the context but i would call a champ as i said the housing sector is up but to be kicked off on a factory is coming in and that was thought of as a boy and non oil minerals leaving the country that sent the help of the senseless is open and don't forget we have the creative industries the sentences. nigeria has come and i dis movie industry and the well known london yes many state and at two hundred thousand direct jobs and the anime that it jumps to fifty million dollars in bank accounts. if you eat you mentioned are atop the few companies that have been investing in nigeria who are investing in nigeria. gee think though that western companies have been too slow to catch on to the growth that is taking place now in nigeria and elsewhere in africa for instance because there has been so much focus on chinese investments in africa and the pasta it's a ticket. well let me say this that when you loo
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campbell, a senior fellow at the council of , nelsonrelations mandela is a nonracial democracy according to the rule of law pt is the president of the consulates of foreign relations. ambassador, this moment has been a long time coming. what is the view forward? >> south africa was the beneficiary for two grateful things. first was the peaceful transition of apartheid to a new political system and his own willingness to live -- and to give up political power after one term as president. the problem has been since then, the challenge is institutionalizing them up or see, making it a viable economy. -- institutionalizing democracy, making it a viable economy. >> what could be a positive u.s. policy e we have paid lip service but is very tangible projection of washington to benefit south africa and the rest of the sub-saharan continent? >> absolutely. africa will grow south of the , five percent. i think the real possibility is with the growing trade to the u.s. market. we are beginning to see private investment, private equity, and other forms of investment going into south of the sahara.
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] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. ♪ >>> enjoying so many of the words of the life and times of nelson mandela. here, we see the greatest glory of living lies, not never falling but in rising every time you fall. and that is from the world of sport. and it helped unite south africa at a critical time for nelson mandela and his people. it was dramatized, in fact, in the 2009 movie, "invictus." and told of when south africa won the world cup and a divided nation came together as one. the year was 1995. and south africa was set to host the rugby world cup, represented by a team made of mostly white players. the polarized social climate still meant that many black south africans cheered against their own team. >> whites learn it in school. and blacks learn to hate it. >> reporter: yet another snapshot of nelson mandela, in the wake of apartheid. when mandela began his presidency, leading a still-broken country, struggling to become whole. a struggle immortalized on the big screen in the film, "invictus." >> this is a time to build our nation. >> reporter: an
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)